Batik Cap Training for Teachers of SMKN 1 Bantul at the Astoetik Batik Sanggar Studio

On 24-28 February 2022, CV. Astoetik held training on making stamped batik with sogan coloring at the Astoetik Batik Studio and invited 16 teachers from SMKN 1 Bantul as participants. The training activity with the theme “Batik Workshop in the Context of Implementation of Project Learning to Strengthen Pancasila Student Profiles and Work Culture” took place in 2x sessions, namely theoretical and practical sessions on 24-25 February, and continued with Independent Assignments on 26 & 28 February 2022 .
On February 24, the first training session was held. at 08.00-08.05 WIB the opening ceremony was held by Aris Stiyawan A.Md., S.Pd. as the director of CV. Astoetik. And continued with the delivery of the theory on how to make sogan batik by Andre as the Trainer and the Astoetik Batik team. While waiting for the presentation of the theory to finish, the team helps prepare tools and materials for batik such as preparing and melting wax and wetting the foam for the stamp table. 09.10-11.45 Before the tasting begins, Brother Andre explains the correct way of tasting. Then it was continued by the teachers of SMKN 1 Bantul. During the tasting process the teachers can joke and laugh so that the atmosphere is more enjoyable.
Continued on the second day for the presentation of the same theory as the first day. Submission of theory plus coloring theory, for the process of continuing the tasting then immediately the coloring process. The dye used is Naptol dye. After finishing the coloring, it is continued with pelorodan. During the coloring process the teachers can sing together and laugh. After the activity was finished, it was closed and a group photo was taken. (AS)

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