Archipelago Batik Training Module, Astoetik Collaboration with UNY 2022

Saturday 29 October and 5 November 2022, Yogyakarta State University’s Independent Student Exchange (PMM) 2 students who are members of the Nusantara Module explore the Astoetik Batik Center which is in the Jeblog area, Kasihan, Bantul. The Astoteik Batik Center is a pioneer of electric batik with SNI and TKDN (Domestic Content Level) certification which provides technology-based batik training services.
This activity was attended by 20 Nusantara Module students from the UNY group who were guided by the Nusantara Module lecturer, Mr. Purno Tri Aji, M.Eng. on October 29 and the UNY group guided by Ms. Metridewi Primastuti, M.Pd. on November 5, 2022.
The purpose of this visit is as an effort to preserve batik as a cultural heritage of the Indonesian nation. During his visit, students were introduced to the history of batik and its development. Apart from that, students are also introduced to the use of the batik pen plotter tool which is the result of Astoetik’s collaboration with the UNY Electronics and Informatics Engineering Education Department in 2021-2022. The activity continued with batik training from the carving process to the finished batik. The participants who were students from various regions in Indonesia found this activity very useful because it broadened their horizons and hoped they would love batik as an archipelago culture more. Furthermore, they would share their experiences when they returned to their home areas.

Contributor: Purno Tri Aji, M.Eng.

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